3 Hobbies That Can Alleviate Stress 

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As you grow up and become an adult, there is no denying that there are simply many responsibilities waiting for you. There is work, and also family if you are already married and need to support your own family. In this era where the cost of living has been very high due to the development of technology. We have been using our gadgets and electronic devices on a daily basis and it affects our cost of living with all the electrical bills we have to pay every month. Besides that, there are just so many other things to think about. Being an adult means you have to face the harsh reality where being an adult does not mean everything can be solved with a snap of your finger. You would be facing many issues and problems that would make you feel stressed. Hence, it is important that you ensure to take a break once in a while in order to alleviate your stress.

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What other easy way to release stress while getting some fresh cookies other than baking? It’s like killing two birds with one stone. This is clear as you can improve your baking skills while releasing your tension in the kitchen. Besides, spending time baking cookies or cupcakes makes for a relaxing time only you can enjoy in the moment. The whole process could be very calming as you focus on your baking. Plus, stress baking is a good activity to ensure you have a platform to get all that anger or frustration out on. As you should know, bottling up your emotions only makes you feel worse. Thus, take out your whisk and start baking!


Another hobby you can try to alleviate stress is by doing pottery. The repeated motion of your hands as you form your mold of clay is a good exercise for your hands. Besides, it makes you feel calm as it can help distract you from thinking about your problems. In a way, it gives you a personal space where no one would bother to ask you what’s wrong and pressure you to spill your heart’s contents to them. It is perfect for the introvert that finds talking to others about their stress suffocating and difficult. The fact that pottery takes some time is also great since you can concentrate more during the activity without thinking about anything else. 


If you happen to feel bored of doing indoor activities, then it is time for you to get out and get some sun. Hiking is a must-try hobby in order to reduce stress. This is because trailing the nature trails is a form of exercise that can be healing for both your physical and mental. The view of nature around you will make you feel happier and boost your mood. The fresh air can even help you feel free from thinking about your career and responsibilities. Some people love hiking since standing at the top and looking at the view of the world makes them feel at ease and motivates them to work harder.

Last Words

In this era of technology where most people would prefer to blog and go through web design companies in their free time, try to do the opposite. Make sure to forget your smartphone while trying out these hobbies since it would make you feel refreshed and happier. You would feel the difference, that’s for sure.