40 Statistics for SEO to consider

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SEO helps people find your online marketing services. So it is only natural to want to be on top of searches. One can use techniques like phrases and keywords, creating content that is unique and proper promotions across multiple channels to increase ranking in search engines. Below are the 40 statistics to consider.

Search and the user experience

1. 93% of activities online start with a search. This is driven by what people want like cars, restaurants, or other products and services.
2. 80.5% of searches online are with Google which is one of the top search engines around.
3. 81% of customers start with checking online before making large purchases.
4. 72% of marketers online state that the most effective tactic for SEO is creating valuable, relevant content regularly.
5. $79 billion – projected worth of the industry of SEO by 2020 thanks to the popularity of the internet and search engines.
6. 70% of clicked links by users searching are organic – which means these sites are conducting SEO best practices that are more valuable over paid ones.
7. 70-80% of consumers pay more attention to organic searches over paid ads.
8. There is an increase of 2000% to traffic for blogs that improve, and add unique and relevant content.
9. 93% of all traffic to your page is from search engines.
10. 94% of tablet and mobile searches are done with Google.

Ranking of SERP is the key to success

As shown by statistics, organic searches are the best way to gather online traffic.

11. 1 minute – is the average time a user would spend on a search – where they click on the first three of the results that show.
12. Businesses rank higher in results when their company name and content uses strong key words.
13. 75% of online users don’t go past page 1 of a search result – which means getting to page one is crucial for your page.
14. Inbound marketing leads to 14.6% more close rates compared to traditional means with 1.7%
15. Pages that show up on the first page of organic searches get 33% increased traffic and clicks.
16. The first three on the list of a search page gets 35% of the clicks.
17. Search has a 300% difference in efficiency in driving traffic to your page compared to social media.
18. Growing and improving organic presence and SEO is the top priority of 61% of marketing professionals.
19. Google searches around the world reaches at least 2 trillion in a year.
20. Leads through SEO costs 61% less compared to outbound marketing and advertising methods.

Local search

Mobile users have grown exponentially over the years. Adding location to your SEO strategies increases traffic both online and offline.

21. 50% of consumers that search through their smartphones visit the actual physical store within the day. That’s why your site must be optimized for mobile use.
22. 18% of searches done through mobile results into sale within the day.
23. 80-90% of users trust reviews online over recommendations.
24. Local searches are gaining popularity doubling the past year.                                      25. 30% of local searches on mobile last 2016 were related to locations, with numbers increasing each year.

Social Media, Blogging and SEO

Get easily found by using keywords and phrases that are relevant in your content.

26. Blogs of B2B marketers get 67% more in leads.
27. Businesses that have an updated blog get 97% more inbound links to their sites.
28. Increase traffic by 100% by recycling and re-using old blog posts which increases your SEO rankings.
29. There are 1.5 billion daily searches on Facebook.
30. The 2 nd largest in search engines in YouTube – where videos are rapidly growing.

New SEO trends and techniques

There is constant change and evolution in the internet, and people are expecting new ways when it comes to searching information.

31. Queries by voice between 2008 and 2017 rose by 3400%. The trend is evolving so adapt and optimize accordingly.
32. Images increases ranking in searches. This increases not only brand recognition, but also the ranking of your page.
33. Utilizing a well optimized video over text increases probability of showing up in Google by 52%.
34. An extra 2 seconds of loading time increases bounce rate by 50%.
35. Possibility of sale falls by 12% for every second that your site takes to load.

36. Ensuing that your brand appears in search results multiple times makes 50% of users more likely to click results.
37. Google changes 500 – 600 times its algorithm per year so it is vital to practice best practices when creating content.                                                                                             
38. Sites with a specific content in mind and has depth outperform those without.
39. Google favors content that has 1000+ words or long form and ranks them higher.
40. 47% of websites utilize content management systems in developing their websites.

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