5 Things to Look into When Designing Your Blog

When you are thinking of starting your own blog, it is important that you not only think about what you’re going to write but also the interface of your blog.

When people visit your website, they typically notice the overall interface, which means that if you do not follow the principles of good blog design, then you will experience relatively high bounce rates.

If you are considering to create your own blog, read through the rest of the article to find out about the things that you need to look into when you design the interface.

Not Having a Clear Typography

When you look for different tips on how to make your blog great, you might come across some tips that would tell you to experiment with calligraphic fonts to help make your website more visually appealing.

Now, I do not mind that you use some fonts solely for aesthetic purposes, but you have to do it in a way that doesn’t distract your users from your main content.

Not having clear and set typography in your main blog may deter your audience from reading what you have written, so make it clear to them what typography you’re going to use.

Also, if you are using a particular font already in your content, make sure that you use another one for your design so as to not confuse your readers.

Using a Dark Background and White Text

I know that it is part of your creative expression to use whatever colors you want to use on your blog. But, if you think about reversing the background and text colors, meaning, that your background is black and your text color is white, then that will be annoying to your audience.

That is because those colors, when used in that way, will not leave a pleasurable experience when your readers are trying to read through the lines. It is better to stick to what works.

Not Categorizing Your Content

You want your audience to have a pleasurable experience when they’re reading your articles, so make it a point to categorize your content. If you do not separate your content based on categories, then you are running the risk of losing them since it will be much harder for your readers to find the particular content they want to read.

Not Having a Search Box

Over time, your blog will be filled with plenty of different articles. It is crucial that you include an in-blog search box that will allow your users to find specific content pieces without having to scour through the rest of your blog to find it. Not implementing such a feature may force your audience to leave your blog.

Not Having Social Media Buttons

You might have visited some blogs before and you may have found that they have social media buttons present on their site. The truth is, when people deem a content piece worthy of being shared, they will not hesitate to do so.

You want to provide your readers with an avenue to share your posts immediately. That is why implementing social media buttons is a must.