6 Worst Website Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Your website has buttons and links which are not big enough to click.

Clicking around mobile web pages can also be confusing. Links and buttons must always be made for human fingers. If not, they just wouldn’t work. Make sure that there is enough size and space, so website navigation would be a lot smoother.

2. Your website doesn’t have headings and subheadings.

Many individuals just skim headlines. Therefore, if you want to highlight specific parts of your content, you need to make it stand out through H1 and H2 headings. This is also a good approach for search engines to find you.

3. Your website doesn’t show contact details.

Your business details must be located on the most prominent areas of your web pages. It should be easy to find and access. Keep in mind that many people go online to find business contact information. If they can’t find your address or contact number, you would lose important opportunities. User experience would also suffer.

4. Your website is not mobile responsive.

At this day and age, mobile-friendliness matters a lot. Not having a responsive web design is one of the most common web design mistakes committed by business owners. See to it that your web pages are easily accessible even on smaller (or bigger) screens.

5. Your website takes over five seconds to load.

More and more people are getting lazier and impatient. They expect to get the information they need instantly. Your readers and customers must be able to get the details they need in around five seconds.

6. Your website’s font sizes are too small.

Have you ever experienced squinting just to read the text on a web page? One of the most common flaws of websites is that it’s too hard to read. The body text must be over 14px, and all the copy should in Sans Serif, ideally. That way, it will be more reader friendly and compatible across various devices.