Fitness Tips for Older Married Men

There are so many things that you can do to improve your health and well-being. But, there are certain sex differences when it comes to that. By taking good supplements in Malaysia, it would help your sex life to be healthier and aggressive. This article provides good tips to help improve not only men’s heart health but also their sex drive such as the last longer in bed as well.

There is so much research that suggests that older men should consider losing weight, especially if the circumference of their waist is more than 40 inches. What other fitness tips should older men follow? Read on to find out.

Tone Down on Alcohol Consumption

A lot of men drink alcohol almost on a daily basis and although drinking it, per se, is not a bad thing, some men tend to drink copious amounts of it.
If you want to maintain a good weight, just consume no more than 2 bottles of alcohol per day. Furthermore, you may want to minimize drinking alcohol to just 4 days a week as well.

Motivate Yourself to Be Active

More active individuals tend to look younger and their bones become stronger as well. Aim to get at least 45 minutes of physical activity per day- may it be doing aerobic exercises or resistance training.

Take the Stairs

According to research, taking at least 55 flights of stairs per week allows you to stave off death by 15% as it helps lower your cholesterol levels.

Do Some Resistance Training

Lifting weights not only provide the right stimulus for muscle growth but it can also help you later in life as well. Without resistance training, you will start to lose muscle mass at the age of 30. Lifting some weights will prevent this from happening.

Lift Heavy Weights

Instead of taking lighter weights and performing a lot of repetitions, I highly encourage you to take heavier weights that you can do at least 10 repetitions with. This allows you to build more muscle per energy spent.

Go to the Sauna

Research shows that the dry heat that is produced in a sauna can help older men’s heart as cuts the risk of heart attack by up to 63%.

Do Some Pushups

Middle-aged men and older should do more pushups. There is a body of evidence that suggests that doing pushups strengthens the chest, the arms, abs, hips, and legs.

Push Yourself from Time to Time

Most older men were led to believe that they should cut down on effort when they are older; this shouldn’t be the case.
So long as you’re cleared to do some physical activities, push yourself a bit harder until you have reached your limit. Doing this will provide the right stimulus for muscle growth, as well as making you healthy all throughout.

Eat a Lot of Protein

Typically, you want to eat around 0.75g to 1 gram of protein per healthy pound of body weight to promote muscle growth.

The 4×25 Plan

As much as possible, you want to exercise 4 times a week for at least 25 minutes a day.
Stretch While Watching TV
During commercial breaks, you can do some deep stretching to help release some connective tissue in your body- allowing for more flexibility.

Do Some Sprints

Short sprints can help promote better blood flow and it is also a good cardiovascular workout as well.

Running Can Help

Arthritis plagues a lot of older men, but there is research that suggests that running can help strengthen the joints that are often affected by this condition.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating a well-balanced diet ensures that your body receives enough nutrition for optimal growth.
Take the Time to Recover
As you age, you need to have more recovery time which is why you need to limit your workouts to just 4 times a week in allowing you to last longer in bed.