How Free Web Hosting Will Affect Your Website

Are you looking for the best hosting services in Malaysia? If you really want your blog to be successful, you need to focus on finding the right web hosting provider and plan for you. Settling for free website hosting is not an option–you wouldn’t want to entrust your website files and data to unstable platforms.

Why do many website hosting companies give clients free space?

It sounds silly that some hosting providers give clients free website space. They are running a business, so in what way are they generating income? How can they earn if they are giving away their product free of charge? Here are two reasons why they are doing it:

  • Paid ads. Some free website hosts earn money through affiliate links and paid ads. For this reason, websites hosted on their servers have unwanted pop-ups and banner ads which are impossible to remove.
  • Upselling. Just like several services and products today, some web hosting providers offer basic products hoping that their clients will upgrade soon to a paid plan. These paid plans usually come with more resources and features.

Do you think it’s worth it?


  • Can be terminated anytime
  • Can be used for free
  • No contracts


  • Not likely to provide 24/7 responses and support; responses may take many days
  • No customized domain names
  • Installs paid ads on the website, or asks you to become an affiliate
  • Limited disk space and bandwidth
  • May crash in case of traffic surge
  • Lacking in useful features like root directory access and software scripts
  • More likely to suffer from software/hardware failures and downtime

Is free website hosting right for you?

Here are reasons you may select free website hosting include:

  • You are bootstrapping your online business, and is operating on low funds
  • You are new to the industry, and is not expecting plenty of traffic right away
  • You are currently testing out a new concept, and would want to check first how it works before shelling out money

When should you not select free website hosting?

  • There is the need to scale quickly
  • You are expecting fast responses when addressing issues
  • You are managing a high-traffic website, getting thousands of visitors daily
  • Extended website downtimes will hugely impact your business
  • Your web pages require a tons of customized features