How React Native Simplifies Mobile App Development

How React Native Simplifies Mobile App Development

The Development of Mobile App

I have created some apps back in my day and although I have an entirely new work now as an IT professional, I still have some experience creating mobile apps.

 App developers in Malaysia are not a joke, at least, what it once was. You see, aside from learning the programming languages that are needed to create the application, you also need to have extensive knowledge of the tools and the frameworks you’re going to use.

I mainly did some Android Apps in my heyday. For you to create one, you need to have knowledge of Java and you need to know how to use the Android SDK (Software Development Kit).

It was a tiring and tedious process, but there is also a sense of pride and accomplishment as well.

Nowadays, you do not have to worry too much on learning many different programming languages because everything has become so simpler now that even junior developers can create apps with amazing performance and functionalities.

React Native

How React Native Simplifies Mobile App DevelopmentReact Native is based on Javascript and it has been developed by Facebook. This is considered to be an innovative programming language that significantly decreases app development time; making any app creation project more cost-efficient. For those of you who do not, there are some popular websites/apps that make use of React Native such as Instagram, Airbnb, Walmart, Tesla, among others.

It is actually pretty easy to use and all you have to do is learn Javascript and you should have a pretty good grasp on how to use this particular framework.

According to Bluegrass Digital managing Director, Nick Durrant, this Javascript framework is an amazing technology because creating, maintaining, and updating the app has never been so easy. Hence, this becomes a struggle any app building company needs to face.

Once your application is built, you only need to build it once (which means that there are no more stages/prototypes along the way). So, you just have to do a little bit of coding, compile it, and it can be deployed more readily into the different app stores out there today.

Lesser Need for Bonafide Developers

Another main benefit of using React Native to develop mobile apps is that there is a lesser need for true developers anymore. So long as you know how to use the framework and how to code using Javascript, you are pretty much good to go.

What’s more, React Native allows you to create mobile applications that are not only available in multiple operating systems, but it also has the same performance of a true native app as well.

How React Native Simplifies Mobile App DevelopmentBecause of its ease of use and robust feature set, the framework has been slowly adopted by many businesses and app development companies.

We would see more applications being created on a daily basis thanks to the simplification of mobile app development.