How To Balance Wants And Needs In Life

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In the 21st century, we are improving as a whole society to tackle more on the sensitive or taboo topics that have been long buried untouched because the discussions in regards to these matters are deemed to be very negative and should be masked over. This type of mindset has made us who we are today. We can see a lot of individuals parade their toxicity proudly as if not knowing how deadly of an impact it can have on people suffering and those who are just about to learn and have a stance on it. Yes, taboo topics such as depression or mental health awareness, suicide, women’s menstrual cycle or bleeding, genitals and all tend to be the kind of topics that are shied away from public interests and discourses. There should be no stigmatisation stemming from these important phases of life that we all might or will go through sometime. Our spiritual and mental battles should not be brushed away, and it is supposed to be accepted to talk about it publicly because it is something that everyone goes through in their minds. Not having someone or a support group to rant the pent up emotions inside will impact how they perceive things in the future. 

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Talking out loud about what we feel inside is the way to go, especially if you try to resolve misunderstandings because as cliche as it sounds, communication is key. This key is the right one to solving a lot of problems. In order to live our lives to the fullest, we need to know the segregation between the wants and the needs to keep us going every day. It is vital to acknowledge the distinctive line of these two particularly similar things in order to act correctly and accurately. 

Wants are some things that closely related to what we desire the most at that point in time. When we have the things we want, we are happy but if we do not have them, we become instantly upset. The ability for you to have such conflicting emotions towards your wants indicate that the absence of it can still make you stand on your own feet. The wants in our lives are things that we can live without despite the upsetting fact that we do not own them. The closest instance is our side hobbies such as gambling. If we are unable to go to the casino, we might be sad but it is definitely not the endpoint of your life. If you can think rationally, you will find an alternative such as getting to discover top slot game malaysia online.  

When it comes to needs, these are things that we absolutely need to possess in order to continue living comfortably just how we are doing right now. It includes the basic needs to live such as having clothes, food to eat, a roof to shelter yourself from harms, financial aid to get by every day, also women need to get their sanitary pads for health reasons.