Is Multilevel Marketing Legitimate?

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Multilevel marketing is infamous for being strategy-based, selling primarily products and services through a scouted workforce. They usually process strategies in a pyramid-shaped commission system. This is actually a part of the primary factors why many people are in the dark to know a pyramid scheme and multilevel marketing. The strategy that much multilevel marketing adopts is known as network marketing or referral marketing as a lot of transactions are based on connections and people surrounding us. There are a lot of companies that solely sell products that are extending their system as a multilevel organisation. If you are into marketing and business, you can venture into this field and get the best MLM software in Malaysia for your future website. 

the best MLM software in Malaysia

Regarding multilevel marketing, they will have distributors who promote the products and also recruit new members to do the same thing as they do. This is one of the strategies used as they encourage more distributors to obtain more members to increase the commission paid in the pyramid scheme system where the more people under you, the more commission you will gain.

In the multilevel marketing system, there are three main hierarchies that you need to follow. Depending on which line of hierarchy you belong to, your commission will amount differently. The most top of the system is charted by the manager that operates on mostly the import of goods as well as the main office. The second line is called upline distributors where they work closely with the manager and people at the HQ to restock their products. They are also the individuals who recruit the downline team or distributors. When they are in need of new stocks, they can just get it from the upline people rather than engaging the higher-ups. 

There is a lot of confusion and ongoing doubts of people related to multilevel marketing. This is due to many of them getting scammed in the daylight as they are fresh in this field. It is understandable that some of them weigh down the illegitimacy of this working line more than the opposite. 

Multilevel marketing is definitely not for the faint-hearted to get through. This is because you will not be getting a strong foundation of monthly income. Your commissions are heavily dependent on the sales that you manage to gain along with some downline recruiters you are managing. A lot of people prefer doing this business as it is super flexible. Yet, if you are in search of a stable job with a good scheduled monthly wage, you need to stay away from this because it can be unpredictable sometimes. You are also exposed to criticism and backlash from your customers if other distributors bring bad reputations to the branding. As you are the representative of the company, you will also be impacted. Along with the lack of financial support from the main company, you need to learn strategizing for your promotions on your own. 

However, if you are doing everything ethically and responsibly, there is nothing wrong with joining in multilevel marketing. As long as your upline distributors are serious, then you are in good hands.