Ride-sharing Service in Malaysia

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The advocacy of reducing wastes to help the environment has made way to numerous innovations and efforts that promote sustainability and lessening harmful practices. These initiatives range from advocating ecologically efficient methods of farming to supporting the trades of organic and independent businesses and now to reduce the number of cars on public roads by introducing ride-sharing.

One of the countries where these new transportation services are available is in Malaysia. In a modern metropolis like Kuala Lumpur, vehicles are so plentiful that the carbon footprint these vehicles produce collectively poses a risk in terms of the air quality of Malaysia. In view of this, the transportation industry has introduced the concept of ride-sharing, which will not only lessen the carbon footprint but also reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

To start with, let us define what ride-sharing is. Ride-sharing is simply the act of multiple people travelling inside one car. Thus it can be synonymous with carpooling. The concept of ride-sharing is instead using multiple vehicles for multiple people going in one direction or in the same place, a designated vehicle and driver is chosen instead.

This will not only reduce the number of cars in the road but for users, this can be a way to save on fuel and toll expenses because, instead of paying the fuel and toll for each, a single car will mean a single charge for the fuel and toll.

To reiterate, the purpose of introducing ride-sharing is to help the environment. For this reason, most ride-sharing companies are non-profit companies designed to host those willing to participate in this effort. However, despite its non-profit status, since ride-sharing companies are still considered as operating companies, they still need to be registered to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM for short.

SSM online registration comprises the same process to other businesses, which can be done online or offline. The only added factor for ride-sharing business is to also comply with vehicular and driver requirements with the proper agency in Malaysia. With all these settled and the proper registrations obtained. Ride-sharing companies can operate legitimately.

The arrival of ride-sharing businesses in Malaysia is not only beneficial to the environment but also to the Malaysians who are given another mode of transportation. With more options in the modes of commute and lesser cars on the road, a more comfortable commute is the result.

Ride-sharing may be a new concept, but it is already proving to be a preferred choice of younger generations. The tech-savvy of younger people keep them open to such types of businesses compared to their older counterparts. For this reason, for the past years, Malaysia has exhibited a significant increase in ride-sharing companies.

All in all, the ride-sharing market is still in its infancy and will surely need time to grow and prosper. But with its noble advocacy and intention to help the environment, more and more people will definitely be more inclined to support the industry. Considering the present consciousness of people in keeping the environment for future generations, it will not be surprising that ride-sharing will become a widely accepted industry around the globe.