Simple Guide on How to Back-up Your WordPress Site from One Host to Another

WordPress is one of the best content management systems out there. The service allows you to create your own blog or website and you can even use their free hosting service as well. So, you start out using WordPress’ own servers but you are thinking of expanding your website and you want to migrate all of your website’s data to another hosting provider.

Although that can be done, the process is not that seamless, especially if you already have a website that has tons of data. Below are some things you should consider when searching for the most reliable WordPress hosts, you can have and get an idea on dreamhost reviews Malaysia for more reliable reviews.

Do Your Site Backups

The first thing that you need to do would be to conduct a full backup of your existing WordPress website. That means that you’re going to save all of your files and anything that is on your website using various tools. There are certain plugins that you can use, but I would do the manual approach in that I encourage you to use FTP software to do that.

Create a Database on Your New Host Server

Before you can initiate the website migration process, you must first create a WordPress database on your new host’s server by important your SQL data. To do this, your new web host should give you a program like cPanel or other similar software.
From there, you can use the MySQL Database program to start the process. You will need to log-in your credentials and you can ask that from your hosting provider of choice.

Once that is done, go to MySQL’s interface and create a new database. Supply the appropriate name of your website and make sure that you input a very strong password. You can then add a new user account on your database to start the process.

Edit the WordPress File

If you are done with your full backup. Once that is done, a folder should be created. Enter that folder and find the file that is called ‘wp-config.php’ as this is the file that will manage all of the database files on your WordPress account.What you need to do would be to create a copy of this file and save it somewhere safe. This is done in order to prevent any mishaps before the website migration process commences.

Start Importing the Database

Once everything is done, you can now start the entire process. Go to MySQL and transfer the PHPMyAdmin file from the cPanel to your new server’s database. On MySQL, select the import tab and start the process.

Upload Your WordPress Files

Fire up your favorite FTP software and make sure that it is connected to the cPanel. This is the part where you will upload all of the files found on your WordPress website. Depending on the number of files that you need to upload, the process can take several minutes up to a couple of hours. Do not worry, so long as the process is unhindered, all you need to do at this point is to wait.

Final Tasks

After the files are uploaded, make sure that you change your website’s URL completely so that there will be no conflicts. Furthermore, you may also have to configure the DNS settings and confer with your hosting provider what they will do with your IP address. That’s it!